December 9, 2022

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Abuses in Native American Schools for Native Children |  Abroad

Abuses in Native American Schools for Native Children | Abroad

The initial findings of a study of American boarding schools for Native children reveal more or less the same abuses in Canada. The New York Times reports that at least fifty graves have been found in more than four hundred former boarding schools in the United States.

The government’s investigation shows that 19 Native American boarding schools are responsible for more than 500 infant deaths among indigenous peoples. That number is expected to increase, according to the Interior Ministry. The report was drawn up in response to the hundreds of anonymous graves found in Canadian boarding schools for Native children.

American boarding schools were run by the church and government between 1819 and 1969. Indigenous children were forcibly housed there in order to be “civilized”. But according to the report it is only one of the targets. The aim of the policy was to expropriate the lands belonging to the tribal people and their children.

According to the report, many children faced beatings, food shortages and imprisonment. Minister Debb Holland, also known as Native American, conducted the study last June. He says this policy has shocked generations. According to her, the consequences were “heartbreaking and undeniable.”

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