May 30, 2023

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According to Moscow, it is “irrelevant” that a journalist arrested in Russia wants to be released soon Abroad

The US considers the release of detained American journalist Ivan Gershkovich in Russia a top priority, but it is “irrelevant” to Russia. The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister says nothing will change in the case, state news agency TAS reported.

Wall Street Journal journalist Ivan Gershkovich, 31, has been officially labeled a “wrongful” detainee by the US, meaning his release is a government priority. “Russia will not tolerate any attempt to put pressure on us,” Deputy Minister Sergei Ryabkov said.

see Late last month, Wall Street Journal journalist Ivan Gershkovich was arrested in Russia on suspicion of espionage.

No access to consular assistance

The journalist has not received US consular assistance since his arrest two weeks ago. Russia is considering giving him that access, Ryabkov told TASS. The American citizen has thus far had minimal contact with his legal team.

US President Joe Biden has repeatedly condemned the “absolutely illegal” detention of Gershkovich and called for his release. Biden spoke by phone with the journalist’s family yesterday. In it, the president said, “The United States government is doing everything possible to get him home as soon as possible,” the family said after the conversation.

Ivan Gershkovich at the Moscow court at the end of March. © REUTERS


Russia has sued Gershkovich for espionage. Russian security services suspect him of collecting alleged state secrets about the Russian military-industrial complex. But for America, he used to do journalistic work in the country. Gershkovich also “categorically” denies the espionage charge. He previously explained in court that he worked as a journalist in Russia.

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Gershkovich was the first American journalist to be arrested for espionage in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union. Americans face up to 20 years in prison. For now, he will be remanded till May 29. A court in Moscow will consider his objection next week.

The American journalist is currently being held in this detention center.
The American journalist is currently being held in this detention center. © REUTERS