June 2, 2023

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According to research, these two car brands have the most loyal customers | Mobility

Private customers who already owned a Tesla and bought a new one often choose an electric car from the American brand again in 2022. According to German research, Dacia owners are very loyal to their brand.

Anyone who has bought a Tesla is likely to buy another Tesla as their next car. No fewer than 86.6 percent of private Tesla owners who traded in their old car for a new one in Germany last year remained loyal to the brand. This was demonstrated by a market survey conducted by German market analysis firm Dataforce commissioned by the German company Automobile Week. Only private buyers were considered.

“Toyota customers are loyal because they are old”

Dacia follows in second place with a loyalty rating of 73.6 percent. “This is not surprising and closely related to Dacia’s positioning as an ultra-low-cost brand,” says Dataforce’s Laura Odinius. “Most Dacia customers used to come from very old used cars and now enjoy the convenience of a new car for the price of a good used car. Once you get used to it, you won’t go back to a used model so quickly.”

Third place goes to Toyota by a wide margin. The Japanese noted a loyalty rate of 59.2% for 2022. According to Audenius, this is mainly due to older customers: starting at the age of 75, 75 percent of customers are loyal to the brand they lead, according to the research.

German brands are doing relatively poorly

Mercedes is the fifth best German brand, with a loyalty rate of 53.9 percent. The Mini (49.9 percent) and VW (49.4 percent) follow a distance in tenth and eleventh places. The reason for this relatively “weak” performance of German brands is their large size. “In general, it is easier to achieve a high level of loyalty with new brands, as fewer customers need to be re-convinced of the brand,” says Odinius.

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For example, in 2022, about 92,000 privately registered Volkswagens are immediately exchanged for a new car. VW managed to convince customers of the brand again in 49.4 percent of cases – that’s about 46,000 cars. On average, brand loyalty in Germany has dropped significantly in recent years. In 2010 it was still an average of 54 percent, and in 2022 only 46 percent of all customers remain loyal. “It’s because of electric cars,” explains Udineus. “This allows brands to gain new customers quickly, where customers often couldn’t get an electric model from their previous brands.”

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