November 29, 2023

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Accounts clerks get a delay until November 8 for tax returns |  Economie

Accounts clerks get a delay until November 8 for tax returns | Economie

Accountants and accountants get an extra 2.5 weeks to complete their clients’ tax return. Cabinet Minister of Finance Vincent van Bettighem (CD&V) confirms this after a report in “De Tijd”. According to the newspaper, accountants have sounded the alarm about the impact of the Corona pandemic, floods, and the faltering of digital applications.

Minister van Bettieghem says he has been contacted by several accountants and tax advisors about this in recent weeks. “The Minister understands the exceptional situation in which many economists find themselves, among other things, due to the many tax consequences of the Corona crisis,” a press release said Friday.

So Van Bettieghem, in consultation with the Professional Institute of Accountants and Tax Advisors (ITAA), decided to grant a “one-time final deferment” for filing personal income tax returns. Accountants will be postponed until November 8th.

However, the agreement that van Beetijm entered into with the professional association also states that unremitting efforts must be made in the coming years to meet the application deadlines. In addition, the minister wants to avoid a rush at the end of the announcement period in cooperation with the ITAA. After all, this creates the risk of overloading FPS Finance apps.

“Given that there is also a proactive approach to personal income tax, it was agreed that no deferral would be requested in the future, nor would it generally be granted,” Minister Van Bettieghem said.