March 23, 2023

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Activities in Weerterland around World Alzheimer's Day

Activities in Weerterland around World Alzheimer’s Day

Wednesday, September 21 is World Alzheimer’s Day. On this day, attention is drawn around the world to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and the impact of this disease on the person himself and his environment.

At Weert and Nederweert they strive for a dementia-friendly community. Punt Welzijn and other organizations are focusing on this together by organizing various activities especially for people with dementia and their loved ones on World Alzheimer’s Day.


In September, Punt Welzijn organized a number of activities for people with dementia and their caregivers and for professionals working with and for people with dementia.

On September 14, it’s possible to enjoy dementia-friendly guided tours of the W. Visitors can quietly view the museum’s collection before normal opening hours.

On September 15, casual caregivers and professionals who work with people with dementia can visit the Supernova cinema for free. A movie about Sam (Colin Firth) and his dementia-stricken friend Tusker (Stanley Tucci) traveling through England together in a carriage. This evening, the Casual Care Support staff and the Alzheimer’s Caf√© will be on hand to provide more information and talk to visitors.

Moreover, on Saturday 17 September you can take part in a sensory walk near the nature and environment center De IJzeren Man. It is also possible to participate in the RAAK project! This is a free arts and culture program for people who live at home with a forgotten mind and their loved ones.

Four music-themed meetings (September) and one dance-focused event (October) are still possible. We will conclude the series of activities with an inspiring performance during the Alzheimercafé on Monday 19th September.

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In September, Punt Welzijn will publish a campaign to draw attention to a dementia-friendly community. More and more people are getting this disease and that means we all have to deal with it. In the life of the club, as a businessman or employee, as a neighbor or friend or perhaps as a partner. Do you notice that someone in your environment is suddenly confused and behaving differently? With a small gesture, you can help him or her get back on the right track and make sure dementia is not a reason to be sidelined. Punt Welzijn loves to think with you!


Curious about what’s going to happen soon? The full offer, information and how to register can be found at You can also read here what you can do for someone with dementia.