February 1, 2023

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Actor John Lady Coso Dubelstein, from the series “Zig”, dies at the age of 92 | showbiz

showbizActor John Leddy has passed away at the age of 92. This was reported to his family. He is in many people’s collective memory with his role as Koos Dobbelsteen in ‘Zeg ‘ns Aaa’.

John Lady died in the presence of his family on Christmas Day, in a hospital in Den Bosch. It was preceded by a short illness. Liddy began his career with several theatrical companies. Film and television work was added later. In 1963 he also presented “TV Dansant” for KRO. But he gained huge popularity in the 1980s with the TV series “Zeg ‘ns Aaa”, which kept entire families glued to TV in the 1980s and early 1990s. He was seen there for at least twelve years as a builder and courtesan Kos Dubelstein, who was married to Maine Dubelstein (Kari Tevesen).

Carey responds

“I am so upset,” answers Kari Tevesen (84), who often had to speak in Fara’s comedy series as Koss Dobelstein’s wife. “We were really friends,” she says. “I was shocked by his death, John was a healthy man who still worked in the garden into old age. We haven’t seen each other for a few years now, but you don’t count those years and suddenly someone isn’t there anymore.” “He was a man without manners, in the Amsterdam way,” she continues, describing her colleague Tefsen. “A sweet, simple person who enjoys the little things in life. He didn’t belong in that big clique of show and glamour. And as an actor he was a craftsman.”

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John Liddy is survived by his wife Janig Liddy (to whom he was married for 53 years), his five children, including actress Rext Liddy, and eleven grandchildren. The funeral will later take place in a private circle in Heusden, where he has lived for the past fifty years.

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