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Actress Asmaa Al-Moden talks about her role in the series "Zeina"

Actress Asmaa Al-Moden talks about her role in the series “Zeina”

December 18, 2021 – 4:20 pm – Culture


Moroccan-Dutch actress Asmaa El Mouden can now be seen in the happy series “Zeina”, where she co-stars with five other young Moroccan-Dutch women. In the movie, the friends deal with a lot of humor between two cultures and at the same time have to deal with a good dose of typical Millennium hurdles in their path. Women’s magazine she She spoke to the actress about her television debut.

In the series Zina, Asmaa El Mouden plays Lamia, a vlogger, style teacher and network queen, with a big mouth and a small heart. But the moden has already earned its stripes in the theater world. “My mom actually took me to the De Krakeling theater when I was eight. I can still remember how I felt during those shows. It was just for me. Fantasy and fantasizing: I thought it was cool. I watched the movies once. Matilda and Madeleine! In Recently, the premiere of a theatrical tour in which I played, (W)RAP MY HIJAB, took place at Krakeling. Then the episode was completed.”

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With Zina, the moden moves from theater to television. She says she was particularly curious about her acting on camera. “It’s also a great, great opportunity, and I’m happy to put my shoulder on it. When they asked me to audition, my teenage heart immediately started to beat.” The plot also immediately attracted, because the story has a different approach. “I think Zina is recognizable by a large group of Middle Eastern women, who have never seen themselves on Dutch TV before. She brings humor and drama and the form in which she writes suits me.”

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It also seems that Asmaa and Lamia from the series have some common traits. “Lamia is a lively aunt with a clear mindset: I will whine all the time, but I will be there for you. I recognize myself in this loyalty. Almost everyone has Lamia in her friend group: you have to go to her for a fair opinion, or if you want a good wake-up call “. The actress feels especially attached to the theme of friendship and loyalty. “My friends can be counted on my hand, but we are very close. When people think of soulmates, people often think of love relationships, but I especially value friendship. These are my soulmates. This theme is beautifully reflected in the series: You are there for each other.” Some by pronunciation.

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The characters in Zina struggle with personal matters, but they still do everything they can to eventually become what they want. “I hope the series gives hope,” says Al-Moden. “As a Moroccan-Dutch woman, I only had Dounia and Daisy in my youth: she could be Dounia, or nothing at all. This finally brings acting and makes our stories more natural.” Since the series can be watched on NPO3, Asma has received a lot of messages from young people on social media. “They consider me an inspiration, and they take pride in me. While I’ve never met most of them before! But I seem to have been a cheerleader in the ‘struggle process.’ This series turned out to be bigger than me, and for many people the best reaction came from my mother: I just lost her after release. I heard from all sides that she couldn’t stop talking, there was a lot of release. She’s my best friend, so that was very valuable.”

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