December 1, 2022

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Adele thinks of more kids: 'The concerts will go on in Vegas this year, because next year I have plans'

Adele thinks of more kids: ‘The concerts will go on in Vegas this year, because next year I have plans’


Singer Adele, 33, has a son but is now considering more children. She tells this in a conversation with Graham Norton. In it, she also revealed that Vegas concerts are really going to happen “one hundred percent” and this year. “I want a baby next year,” she says.

In conversation with Graham Norton on his talk show The Graham Norton Show You first look at the canceled concerts in Las Vegas. “I’m sorry I took so long,” she says. Adele has been criticized in recent weeks for the late letter of canceled shows. “Some things wouldn’t arrive until premiere day, so I couldn’t give my endorsements. There was also a bit of a manpower. It would end up being half a show, and I couldn’t do that. People would see that I didn’t want to do that show.”

But she promises the delay is not an adjustment. She says she doesn’t want to set a new date yet, but there is hard work behind the scenes. “The announcement will only come when I have real data.” Norton asks, but will it be this year. “One hundred percent! They will definitely happen this year. I want a baby next year!” (He laughs) Or do I have plans for next year. Then imagine I have to cancel because I’m having a baby.”

It seems like it’s no joke when you come back to it later when it comes to the major media silences after the main tours after the album’s release. “Like I said, I would like to have more children. It will depend on them to stay away for a long time. To be honest, I feel like I just finished sleeping nine years ago when my son was (Angelo, which she acquired with ex-husband Simon Konecki, editor) Boy.” (He laughs)

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