July 21, 2024

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Adobe launches a platform to quickly create brand content using secure AI

Adobe launches a platform to quickly create brand content using secure AI

The Express for Enterprise platform helps marketing teams create brand content quickly and efficiently and keep all teams aligned using AI.

Adobe is launching a new platform focused on brand consistency and safe AI for businesses. Express for enterprises It is a content creation platform, powered by Adobe’s Firefly Image Model 3, designed for communications and marketing teams. It provides all the tools needed to strive for effective, fast and safe development of brand-aligned content powered by the power of AI.

Express for enterprises

The new Express for Enterprise platform helps creative marketing teams create branded content faster and more efficiently. With just a few clicks, you can perform complex operations with artificial intelligence, for example to remove the background or generate a QR code.

Adobe – Express for Enterprise

In addition, generative AI also helps your team create images, templates, or text effects based on word prompts. What’s more, you can easily produce variations of campaign content and resize content for each channel, as well as translate text into any of the 45 languages.

Brand consistency

Personalized content is becoming increasingly important. To ensure brand consistency, Adobe is adding some new features. This allows users to easily customize and share brand sets across teams, and these templates can then be locked so everyone can make updates and stay on brand. You can also create new content based on your own AI models that take your unique campaign styles into account.

The generative AI features are powered by Adobe Firefly and are designed to be commercially secure, according to Adobe.

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