December 8, 2022

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Adriaan Van den Hoof cancels stage show after reports of inappropriate behavior: 'A lot of disruption'

Adriaan Van den Hoof cancels stage show after reports of inappropriate behavior: ‘A lot of disruption’

After several women accused Adrian van den Hoof, 49, of inappropriate behavior, the presenter and comedian decided to cancel his stage show on Wednesday evening. “There is a lot of hype for the show to continue in a calm atmosphere,” it seemed.

A few weeks before being replaced as a single test provider Transformation The VRT Prevention Service has received several reports of inappropriate behavior from Adriaan Van den Hoof. This includes physical aggression. Police have also received four complaints against the presenter in the past, although these investigations are no longer ongoing.

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After the allegations were leaked last week, according to van den Hoof, there was little going on. “I have no reason to believe that there is (When substituted in “Switch”, editor) Something different than choosing VRT to innovate. No formal complaint has been filed against me. There is no ongoing judicial investigation.”

Move or delete?

However, it does not appear that the disturbances will be without consequences. Performing a theatrical performance Van den Hoof It’ll be clean when you’re done Located in Koksijde, on May 25, it was canceled.

“It looked as if the show would go on, but in the late afternoon we got a phone call that we’d rather not take,” says the CasinoKoksijde Cultural Centre. “At the moment, there is a bit of a hype around Adrian’s person being allowed to allow the performance to continue in a calm atmosphere.”

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It is not certain whether the offer will be moved or permanently cancelled. It remains to be seen if the rest of the theater tour will be canceled as well. According to Van den Hoof’s calendar, his next performance was not planned until the end of September. There are five more shows in October and November.

In his short response, Van den Hoof announced last week that he will meet with VRT after the summer to look at new projects. “I don’t think that’s a bad sign.” Earlier it was also said that VRT will broadcast the recording of its stage show. It is currently unclear if this is the case.(dvg, thv)