February 6, 2023

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Adriaan Van den Hoof returns to stage after accusations: 'Untrue things are said' |  Instagram HLN

Adriaan Van den Hoof returns to stage after accusations: ‘Untrue things are said’ | Instagram HLN

BVComedian Adrian van den Hoof (50) canceled his stage show in May due to a lot of turmoil. Many women accused him of inappropriate behavior, with serious consequences. His place as presenter of “Switch” went to “Studio Brussel” presenter Fien Germijns (27) and he was nowhere to be seen on stage, until yesterday evening.

Adrian van den Hoof’s stage show It Won’t Be Clean When Finished was abruptly canceled last May, when it turned out that several women accused the presenter and comedian of inappropriate behavior and aggression. “There is a bit of a buzz around him at the moment so the performance continues in a calm atmosphere,” it seemed.

But last night, the comedian resumed his Herent tour after a long break. According to ‘Het Nieuwsblad’, the accusations weren’t explicitly looked at during the performance, but he did let something slip here and there during the show. Untrue things were said about me. Van den Hoof was visibly grateful for the presence and the applause of his audience. “Thank you really for coming,” he said with emotion.

on defense

Last June, the comedian took a defensive stance over the allegations and did so with a written statement. “Allegations in the media have been hit hard,” he began. Van den Hoof later apologized: “I’ve had several short-lived relationships and have sometimes been unfaithful. This is only a private matter, but I would like to apologize to the women, my family, my loved ones and my friends who have been offended by my behavior.” But he denied the allegations of physical abuse. He said, “These allegations are false.” He even suspected that he knew who was behind it. In 2020, there was a woman who called me 300 times a day and kept messaging me. I recognize her style. It’s clearly starting to come back.”

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