July 19, 2024

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After a previous attempt at the same competition, Louise was crowned the winner of “The voice of Flanders”

After a previous attempt at the same competition, Louise was crowned the winner of “The voice of Flanders”

Her victory is tied to a record contract and 25 thousand euros.© VTM

The first in history Voice of Flanders Because for the first time someone wins a match that also appeared in a previous season. Louise Guidefroi made Affligem a big surprise for her. “This is very strange,” she muttered.

In the final, the group of five contestants was narrowed down to the top three. All the nominees sang one song, and it turned out to be the last achievement for both the curly blond Jente De Sadeleer and Wesley Ngoto, the teenager with a deep male voice.

Louise Guidefroy comes from Ternate and now lives in Welighem. I also participated in the previous year Voice of Flanders, but that was the bad luck of this season. Three coaches turned during the blind auditions, but Louise fainted in the lead-up to the fights. It fell on her chin and broke her jaw. Since she could hardly speak, singing was absolutely impossible.

The musical adventure ended early, but Louise did not give up and recorded again. As with her first engagement, Natalia turned around, and the two decided to start working again.

Looking back, Louise is very happy that she made it this far, and not in the previous version. She says she has grown as a person a lot in the past year. She now dares to stand up for herself more, and says she has been on stage with more confidence each time. She’s blossomed as an artist, and coach Natalia will have something to do with that, too. During the workshops, she put her pain behind her because she didn’t use her jaw properly when singing. The video, in which she imitated Natalia Louise, was eagerly picked up in the media. But Louise says she’s glad Natalia played her cards publicly.

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According to her father, who was regularly present during the recordings, she could sing jazz and modern pop songs. “She’s a chameleon in the world of music.” And it turned out that the guy was right. Week after week, Louise herself was surprised that the musical fairy tale continued for her.

During the final she sang I will Survive By Gloria Gaynor, a proper song she’s wanted to bring in for a long time. “If you get to the final, you can do it,” Natalya motivates her – and that’s what happened.

She has a full time job as a spokeswoman for Barry Daiza, and is building a house with her boyfriend, also worked out Voice of Flanders Bee. Her agenda has been very full in recent weeks. She also received a lot of support from the famous Walloon Zoo. Her big boss sent her congratulations every Friday night. Her fellow Walloon has been taking care of her day job for the past week.

This is the second year in a row that coach Natalia has won the competition. This was also the case with Grace Khawabe last year. Luiz with a record contract and the amount of 25,000 euros from the win.

The silver and bronze medals went to the soldier Johann of Leopoldsburg and the favourite, Evert of Kalmthout.