September 26, 2022

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After allegations of incest: Ricky Martin demands 20 million from his 21-year-old cousin |  Famous People

After allegations of incest: Ricky Martin demands 20 million from his 21-year-old cousin | Famous People

Famous PeopleRicky Martin (50) is suing his 21-year-old cousin, Dennis Yadiel Sanchez. The singer is seeking $20 million in damages after his cousin accused him of incest. It would have gone through millions of deals. Moreover, Denis could not leave him alone. “He threatened to ruin my reputation unless I paid a large sum of money.”

At the end of July, the roles were still reversed: Denis Yadiel Sanchez sued his uncle Ricky Martin for incest and abuse. Dennis is the son of Vanessa Martin, Ricky’s half-sister. The young man claimed that he had a sexual relationship with the singer, and the alleged breakup was a bitter pill for Martin. Sanchez claimed that he chased after him and acted aggressively. Martin himself heard thunder in Cologne and denied any accusation. He portrayed his cousin as a boy with serious psychological problems. The charges against Ricky were eventually dismissed, after which the latter wanted to give one last message about his cousin: “To the person who claimed this nonsense, I wish the best. I hope he finds help to start a new life full of love, honesty and happiness. And I hope he doesn’t hurt anyone.”

Looking back, it seems Sanchez couldn’t accept the refusal. On TMZ, Martin describes his cousin as an “unpleasant person.” The 21-year-old was allegedly persecuted, harassed, stalked and blackmailed. For example, he reportedly posted Martin’s mobile phone number on Instagram and created an account for one of his sons. “It made me feel very uncomfortable,” he said. It is also said that Dennis sent him letters threatening his reputation and integrity unless the singer wanted to pay a large sum.

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Martin appears to have lost several million deals due to the accusations his cousin sent out to the world. The ‘Livin’ la vida loca’ singer now wants to make up for these losses. He wants Dennis to be completely cut off from his life and the life of his family, and for communication to be cut off.

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