November 29, 2022

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After another complaint against Ali B: a Dutch court begins a criminal investigation against four suspects from “The Voice” |  showbiz

After another complaint against Ali B: a Dutch court begins a criminal investigation against four suspects from “The Voice” | showbiz

showbizThere is a third report against “The Voice of Holland” coach Ali B. After Eileen Ten Dam testified last weekend about the rapper’s offensive behavior, it now appears that someone else has filed a police report. This relates to assault, Ali B.’s attorney, Bart Sawyer, asserts. Dutch prosecutors are now launching a criminal investigation against four suspects, including Ali B, of sexual offenses surrounding the talent show ‘Voice of the Netherlands’. The issues arose after the broadcast of “Angry” on YouTube.

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The Public Prosecutor’s Office has provided an update on the research related to the “Voice of the Netherlands” talent show. Five people reported potential criminal offenses against a total of four people around The Voice. As a result of these reports, it was decided to initiate another criminal investigation. The four people who were reported are now suspects. Prosecutors have not given names, but it is known that reports have been received against former coaches Ali B and Marco Borsato, squad leader Jeroen Rittbergen and director Martin N. So it must be clear from the criminal investigation whether they will actually be brought to court.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Nord-Holland has launched an investigation against one of the four suspects in response to a sexual offense reported shortly before “Boos” aired. This issue is separate from “The Voice Of Holland”. The Public Prosecution Office will also supervise the investigation of two new reports against this person. Sawyer, Ali B’s lawyer, now knows that his client’s cases have been moved to the North of the Netherlands. The Central Netherlands Public Prosecution Service is investigating the cases against the other three suspects.

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Together with Marco Borsato, band leader Jeroen Rietbergen and director Martijn N., Ali B forms the group of “The Voice” people who lost their credibility after “Boos” aired at the end of January. Presenter Tim Hoffman revealed, in it, that several instances of transgressive sexual behavior occurred at the popular talent show which was immediately discontinued.

Ali B got into more trouble last weekend because singer Elaine Ten Dam said she had a “case of aggressive behaviour” with him. However, she has not filed a complaint yet. But there is now another new report of the assault on the rapper. It is not known who made this statement. Ali b. He strongly denies everything so far. The rapper will be questioned for the first time next month.


Attorney Sebas Dykstra, who represents four former candidates, said in his response that his clients were “relieved” to now decide whether to continue the case. “Having a thorough criminal investigation into customer reports is the only right decision and does justice to what happened to them.”

Dijkstra says his clients hope more victims will report to the police. “In recent months, we have had direct and indirect contact with several women who have become victims of serious sexual crimes around the TV show, but they do not or do not yet want to take that step to the police. If these and other victims now see that an investigation is being conducted, If a criminal is accurate in the different facts, it may give them the confidence to report what happened to them themselves.”

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