February 5, 2023

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AFTER Bold PRINCESS PHOTOS: ‘Princess Alexia of the Netherlands seen partying at Argentinian nightclub’ | Property

PropertyOnce again, Alexia of Holland lives up to her reputation as a “rebellious princess.” In October last year, some bold party photos surfaced for the 17-year-old daughter of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima. Meanwhile, Alexia is once again in the spotlight. Argentine media wrote that they spotted the girl in a nightclub in Buenos Aires.

The Dutch princess is not there on holiday with her friends. According to sources, Alexia is spending the Christmas season in sunny Argentina with her family. It is already clear that the daughter of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima is enjoying the holiday to the fullest. The Argentine magazine “Caras” and on the news site “A24” reported that Alexia, herself half Argentine, spent last Friday evening at Tequila, an exclusive nightclub located in Buenos Aires.

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The nightclub in question is very popular with celebrities. You don’t enter the club just like that. Anyone who wants to relax their legs on the dance floor must first be a member of the club. You cannot enter without a membership. Eyewitnesses told Argentine media that the princess was not alone. Willem-Alexander’s 17-year-old daughter had some friends with her. In addition, the girl’s security was also present.

It’s no secret that Princess Alexia loves to throw flowers. In October last year, a daring party photo of the Dutch royal family did indeed emerge. The daughter of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, who was only sixteen at the time, was wearing a bright red lace bodysuit and black miniskirt in the photo. Moreover, it did not stop there: with a group of friends, the princess standing with her buttocks turned towards the camera. At that time, the picture caused a sensation among our northern neighbors. According to strict media law, private photos of the young royals are prohibited from being shown publicly.

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