December 7, 2022

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After disappointing viewership numbers: 'De saviors' season two can only be watched online for now |  Television

After disappointing viewership numbers: ‘De saviors’ season two can only be watched online for now | Television

On television, the series “De saviors” did not appeal to viewers, but the series was a hit on the Internet. This is the reason why Play4 chose to stream the second part online first. “Season 1 has completed a great online course, which makes it the perfect series for GoPlay,” reads a response from the channel on Nieuwsblad. According to Play4, the program has also been popular online, especially with younger viewers. “We have already put season two online, so everyone can watch at a time of their choosing. Not unimportant for younger viewers, who are now in the busy lockdown period. It could be a welcome break for them.”

In the documentary fantasy series “De Redders” – a contemporary version of “Baywatch” – six lifeguards embark on adventures on the beaches of Ostend and Mariakerk. Julie Vermeer and her friend Laurins Dursin, among others, star in the series, and Joni Ceusters – Tieltenar who survived ‘Kamp Waes’ – can also be seen in the series. The first episode of the series was not found in the top 20 most watched shows on Mondays of last year. Some episodes only reached 58,000 live viewers. So the reactions on social media weren’t kind. “I haven’t seen the episode,” several viewers said on Twitter. Or also: “It has been a long time since I had to walk away from the screen out of indirect shame. This is such a program.”

The second season of “De saviors” will also be shown on TV this summer. It is not yet known when the sequel will be broadcast.

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