December 8, 2023

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After Pete Davidson's Burial Alive: Kanye West's New Video Is Actually Even Weird |  celebrities

After Pete Davidson’s Burial Alive: Kanye West’s New Video Is Actually Even Weird | celebrities

Kanye West fans weren’t satisfied with the rapper after the second music video for “Eazy” showed how Pete Davidson, 28, the new boyfriend of ex-wife Kim Kardashian, 41, was brutally attacked by a skinned monkey. The monkey hits the character in the face of a fire truck. There may be unconscious details, but it’s definitely not for Davidson. His father, Scott Davidson, was a firefighter who died while trying to save people after the September 11, 2001 attack. See it for yourself in the video below from 2PM 30.

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When Davidson was hit, the rapper chanted “God save me from the car accident so I can kick Davidson’s house.”

Amazed Twitter users described the new video as “harassing” and “boyish”: “He’s obsessed with Pete Davidson, he’s even starting to feel embarrassed,” it seems.

Other fans think it’s time for West to ask for help to solve his problems: “Someone has to step in, this is serious, and he obviously needs help. He has four kids who love their dad.”

According to sources close to Pete, he keeps calm despite the rapper’s many social media posts about him and teasing videos. A source close to his girlfriend Kim told People, “House is as quiet and quiet as possible, but it’s not a comfortable thing. He does his best for Kim.”

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