May 29, 2023

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After the fall, Van der Poel has to lose in a semi-final against the descendant of Cancellara Freudvo at Serenissima Gravel.

After the fall, Van der Poel has to lose in a semi-final against the descendant of Cancellara Freudvo at Serenissima Gravel.

Robin Froidevaux beat the Serenissima Gravel 2022 after a tough race, making him the second winner in that race after Alexey Lutsenko. In the final, the Swiss moved away from a group that included Matthew van der Poel, who crashed twenty kilometers from the finish and managed to come back. World gravel champion Gianni Vermeersch took third place on behalf of Alpecin-Dekoninck.

last (unofficial) road season game Van der Poel became not the World Cup, not the Lombardy Tour, but Serenissima Gravel. An unclassified gravel race in the Veneto region, where VDP Five days ago he won bronze in the World Cup in this area. As a result, he was on the starting line along with world champion Vermeersch as the man to beat, around eleven in the morning. Organizer Filippo Pozzato was really happy about it, so guys can put this in their pockets

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Van der Poel was already rubbing his hands at first, with Gianni Vermeersch by his side.

It took a while before we got concrete information from Italy, but after a good two hours of racing the first messages arrived: He turned Van der Poel into a tough race and he was the instigator of a leading group of 26 riders. Ludovic Robbet (Pingual Bowls), Martin Orianstad (Uno X), Jeffrey Soup (TotalEnergies) and Ricardo Luca (Service Service) survived, but the Dutchman also negated this attempt.

Van der Poel is enjoying himself on Italian gravel roads, but falls

With nearly a hundred kilometers remaining, there was a new selection: Nineteen drivers, including Van der Paul, Vermeersch and Miguel Angel Lopez, drove in this elimination race. The rider of the knight had to get off, and the group became smaller than the gravel bar by the gravel bar. And that was largely thanks to one man who had a dark blue blast: MVDP.

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Entering the first of three eleven-kilometre domestic rounds, sixteen men were still in the footsteps of that race’s star, including teammate Vermeersch. He had allowed himself the ring earlier in the race, but eventually managed to take a position at the front. Meanwhile, Matteo Zorlo, the Italian at the continental level, escaped in the first domestic round. He was given some space, but soon became a cat bird again.

Van der Poel crashed twenty kilometers from the end. The Dutchman was able to get back on his bike fairly quickly, but had to make up for a 25-second gap in the full final on the men leading forward, including teammate Vermeersch. That took some effort, but it cut all the terminals to find the connection again. He finally succeeded, before the final match broke out completely. In it he alternately tried with Vermeersch to entice competition outside the tent.

In the last ten kilometres, it was Swiss Froidevaux, who was still at the wheel of Van der Poel on the last pass from the finish, who made a good gap lap and was four kilometers short of the 32-second run, under the watchful eye. His team leader Fabian Cancellara. Emils Leibniz came second moments later, ahead of Vermeersch.

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Results Serenissima Gravel 2022

1 – Robin Freudvo (Theodore)
2 – Emils Leibniz (Trek Segafredo)
3 – Gianni Vermeersch (Alpecin deconinc)

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