September 28, 2022

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Aged care workers cry out for help: 'This marathon has been going on for over 21 months, no end in sight' |  Corona virus what you need to know

Aged care workers cry out for help: ‘This marathon has been going on for over 21 months, no end in sight’ | Corona virus what you need to know

The Federation of Care Professionals (BEFEZO) warns against water on the lips of elderly care workers. On the one hand, there is a constant shortage of staff, and on the other hand, the Corona crisis is casting a shadow. “Conditions are getting tough and there is no end in sight,” wrote Paul Cappelaere, President of BEFEZO.

Cappelaere cites the poignant example where a nursing home resident climbed to his room window because he had been in quarantine for 15 days due to a corona infection in his ward. The residential care center where the man is staying is not alone in the face of a new wave of infection. 80 percent of healthcare professionals have to deal with infections within their facility or geriatric department. Another 44 percent cite chronic staffing as the most significant of the fourth wave,” according to a BEFEZO survey in which 600 aged care employees were questioned. Inclusion means that employees can no longer provide the care they want to provide, which is a huge frustration as Cappelier explains. .

Here’s what Margot Cloet of Zorgnet/Icuro had to say this morning about the pressure on the healthcare sector:

Working pressure is too high

“All staff are facing a huge shortage,” Cappelaere said. Connected to the Corona crisis, this is putting enormous pressure on the workplace. “This marathon has been going on for over 21 months in the aged care sector without any point of respite. And this marathon must be run again and again in even more difficult conditions with no end in sight.”

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Thanks to vaccinations, the course of the disease for the elderly is less dangerous, in a residential care center or geriatric department, infection still causes a lot. For example, an infected person – as well as anyone they have been in contact with – should be placed in quarantine to prevent infecting others. This, in turn, creates additional work pressure.

“Up to 91 percent of healthcare professionals report a shortage of health care workers or nurses in their services; 71% say the shortage is particularly significant. Nearly 90 percent say they urgently need additional support,” As Cappelaere says. “We are particularly concerned that two-thirds of healthcare professionals report that employees have left the facility or department due to excessive work stress or because they are no longer able to cope mentally and physically.”

foreign individuals

Excessive workload is not limited to elderly care. Today, the entire healthcare sector is facing the increasing numbers of Corona. For example, it was decided yesterday that hospitals should postpone all types of non-urgent care for two weeks. This came in a bulletin issued by the Hospitals and Transport Committee, the government’s advisory body, hospitals and experts. The committee is also asking hospitals to reopen closed beds in intensive care units. During the crisis meeting, it was suggested to bring foreign healthcare personnel to our country to be able to control the fourth wave.