February 6, 2023

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Ajax pays the family of Abdelhak Nouri 7.8 million euros in compensation |  football

Ajax pays the family of Abdelhak Nouri 7.8 million euros in compensation | football

Ajax and Abdelhak Nouri’s family reached a settlement over the compensation to be paid by the Amsterdam club. Nouri suffered a cardiac arrest in 2017 and suffered permanent brain damage. The compensation to be paid by Ajax is up to 7,850,000 euros. That is why the case brought by the Nouri family to the jury of the KNVB was canceled.

More than four years ago, Nouri collapsed during a training match against Werder Bremen. Nouri suffered permanent brain damage and now lives in low consciousness. Nouri’s family claimed that the field treatment was not carried out properly and that they were harmed as a result. Ajax later admitted all responsibility.

It became the start of an unresolved case as the Nouri family and Ajax were unable to reach an agreement on the compensation that Ajax would have to pay. The family then submitted an arbitration case to the KNVB, but that case now appears to have been discontinued.

Ajax will reimburse and continue to do so for the costs incurred for nursing and caring for Abdelhak Nouri. It also relates to the costs of non-material damages and loss of earning capacity. In total, Ajax pays out an amount of 7,850,000 euros.

“It is good that an agreement is reached, so we can close that,” said Edwin van der Sar, Ajax’s general manager. “We are all aware that the suffering of Abdelhak and his loved ones is not over yet. The situation is still very sad, that is how we feel here in Ajax as well.”

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Mohamed Nouri, Abdelhak’s father, is also relieved that an agreement has been reached: “It is good that the discussion about responsibility and its consequences is a thing of the past and we can look forward together.”