November 29, 2023

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Ajax women suffered an unnecessary defeat against Twente

After playing in front of empty stands for so long, Ajax Twente finally got quite a few fans back. You provided an excellent background to continue the strong start to the season last week against Excelsior (win 1-7).

This seemed to succeed in the early stages of the duel. Ajax was better than the visitors to Twente. Across the right wing – where Chasity Grant took advantage of the space behind the defense – the host side created a constant danger.

This resulted in an impressive series of big and less fortunate opportunities. Sure enough, Soraya Verhoff and Nikita Tromp posed two chances, but they failed near Twente’s goal.

weaker sequel
The high level of the first half was not achieved initially in the second half. Ajax was not capricious and FC Twente – who did not create any chances – became a little more dominant in possession.

After about twenty minutes, coach Danny Schinkel’s team recovered. At that point, many Ajax players had the opportunity to express their dominance in the score. Once again, however, the chances were very negligible.

Grant had the chance in the 75th minute after Romet Lochter sent it away with a superb pass. Face-to-face with goalkeeper Van Domsellar, she failed. Nor did Nadine Nordam’s rebound.

Shortly thereafter, things went wrong on the other side. During a very rare breakout for FC Twente, the ball fell to striker Van Dooren after a cross from the left flank. She responded perfectly in the penalty area and left Lize Kop without a chance to take her shot.

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With that, the only fitting opportunity for the Tukkers came right away. Ajax did everything they could to force an equalizer in the last fifteen minutes, but to no avail. For example, future supporters witnessed a cruel and unnecessary defeat for Ajax.

Ajax for women – Twente 0-1 (0-0)
76. Van Doren 0-1

Ajax women: Kop, De Sanders, Van der Gragt, Doorn (83. E. Bakker), Verhoeve, Sabajo (62. Spitse), Noordam, Leuchter, Grant, Tromp (62. Hoekstra), Pelova.