September 26, 2022

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Alexander Dugin, Putin's ideologist, called the Russians to victory after the death of their daughter

Alexander Dugin, Putin’s ideologist, called the Russians to victory after the death of their daughter

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After the death of his daughter Daria, Alexander Dugin, the local Kremlin theorist, called on the Russians to fight in the spirit of his ultra-nationalist and imperialist ideology. “Our hearts are thirsty not only for revenge or retribution. This will be very young, not Russia,” Dugin said in a Telegram on Monday by his close friend, oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev.

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“We just need our victory. On which altar my daughter laid the life of her daughter. So please conquer!” Dugin called his daughter “a wonderful Orthodox girl” and a “patriot”.

Daria Dugina was killed at night from Saturday to Sunday when her car exploded remotely near Moscow. Dugina worked for the Russian state media and was considered a staunch supporter of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to the FSB, Ukrainian Natalia Vovk was behind the attack, who in the meantime fled to Estonia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned Dugina’s death on Monday, describing it as a ‘basic cruel crime’. The state news agency TASS reported that the president signed a decree posthumously awarding Dugina the Order of Friendship “for her courage and dedication in the performance of her professional duties.”

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