May 20, 2022

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Alfred Schroeder unsurprised by Noah Lang's orange pick: 'He's fighting' |  international football

Alfred Schroeder unsurprised by Noah Lang’s orange pick: ‘He’s fighting’ | international football

Noah Lang be with Club Brugge One of many international personalities. Coach Alfred Schroeder doesn’t mind losing his kids for a while in the important run-up to qualifying.

It’s just part of it,” says Citizen Lang. “We can only be proud that we have a lot of international players and as a club we just have to deal with. I suppose every national coach will take the tax into account and that of course is important.”

“On the other hand, a national coach may also want to try some things and that’s fine, as long as the tax isn’t too bad. Because that’s also important as a Brugge coach.”

Was Schroeder surprised by choosing his number 10? “Noah is a great player, we all know that. He did really well at Ostend last week and he reacted after being substituted a week ago. We need that too. It’s good that he’s with the Dutch national team despite his toughest phase. But you can see he’s fighting back. And I’m happy with that.”

National team coach Louis van Gaal called up 28 players for training matches against neighboring countries Denmark and Germany. Lang has already collected three caps under Van Gaal. PSV defender Jordan Tees has been selected for the first time.

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