February 1, 2023

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Alison Scott after his divorce from Sean Dundt: ‘I don’t care what he does’

Alison Scott is happy again. She is winning the battle against her eating disorder and is slowly feeling ready for a new love. She’s tough about ex-husband Sean Dundt: “I don’t care what he does anymore.”

Allison Scott, 33, has had a tough year, she says this week Hello all. She’s had a really hard time getting over her ex Shaun Donut’s scandal and the divorce that followed. Scott says she developed an eating disorder, but now she’s found the right help for it.

Especially the fact that Shawn Dundt already had a new love before the divorce was announced made it very difficult for Alison Scott. She says she lost all of her Belgian family (Scott is American) due to the divorce.

I also learned of the problem between Sean Dhondt and his new girlfriend – videos have surfaced on social media of the couple arguing on vacation. But it didn’t hit Alison Scott. “I don’t care what Sean does.”

creative studio

For a while after her divorce, Scott says, she considered moving back to the US permanently. But she decided to stay here because she loves Antwerp so much. “That’s why I’m starting a creative studio with a Canadian friend who also lives in Belgium, where we’ll develop original projects. Create content for Instagram, start art projects, and I’ll teach her how to tattoo, maybe a podcast. We start this week, our first project is all about Valentine’s Day.”

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