July 21, 2024

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“All concerns were taken into account”: answers to 3 questions about the breakthrough in the stadium file

“All concerns were taken into account”: answers to 3 questions about the breakthrough in the stadium file

Club Brugge received the good news yesterday that the club has obtained environmental clearance to build its new stadium. Although this is not the first time. How important is this achievement, and what is different now? Minister Joe Bruns answers the most important questions.

How important is this breakthrough?

“Very important,” says Flemish Economy Minister Jo Bruns.

“Club Brugge is an absolutely top club in Belgium, and it also wants to shine at international level. Of course, it also needs high infrastructure. This attention is now being provided to the quality of life in the region.”

“This is due to the very good cooperation with the city of Bruges, which has paid a lot of attention to mobility, parking and parking facilities on days when there is no match. For example, there is a park area that can serve as a green strip for the area.”

“From an economic point of view, attention is paid to the commercial activities that take place there, which are complementary to the activities in the centre. So I think it is a very nice overall project that the club deserves as well.”

What’s different now?

After 15 years of tweaks to the drawing board, it suddenly appears that a solution has been found that meets the desires of the club and the neighborhood. But is this also true?

“All concerns have been taken into account as much as possible,” Bronze emphasizes. “Then again it is mainly about concerns about mobility in the area near the Olympia site.”

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“The new environmental permit will demonstrate that improvements have been made in this area.”

According to the minister, the complaints submitted by the neighborhood were heard and addressed. And this (for the first time) very accurately.

How quickly will the first (potential) stone be placed?

The following is the announcement of the permit and the period within which possible objections can arise.

How realistic is it to lay the first stone in a few months?

“You can always appeal,” Browns also knows. “After the announcement is made, the classical period will follow. But let’s hope that doesn’t happen.”

“I have a strong feeling that all parties have been taken into account. Let’s hope we can start building the stadium in the shortest possible time.”

It must undoubtedly continue.