May 29, 2023

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Allergoloog: reactie na eerste coronaprik is vaak geen allergie

Allergy: The reaction after the first stroke of the corona virus is often not allergen

In the vast majority of cases, people who have had a possible allergic reaction after the first corona shot can safely receive a second dose of the vaccine.

This confirms allergist and president of the Dutch Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (NVvAKI) Moritz van Maren after informing of the we. The reason is that the sometimes violent reaction that some people experience after the first injection does not appear to be an allergy at all.

For example, people experienced heart palpitations, chest pressure, shortness of breath, or became unwell. “These are complaints that are not often the result of allergies, but can occur, for example, with acute stress or hyperventilation. Sometimes this cannot be explained, says van Maren. With good guidance during the second injection, complaints do not occur in the many times.

very rare

GGDs previously reported that nearly 11,000 people who had a reaction after the first coronavirus vaccine strike would still be invited for the second dose, because vaccination is often safely possible. Van Maren says allergists have already seen several hundred of these people and helped them get a second dose.

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There is an allergy to the ingredients in the corona vaccines, but this is very rare, says Van Maren. Even then, most people can still be vaccinated. “For example, you may be allergic to excipients from one of the vaccines. We can determine that for someone based on a skin test, and then that person can often receive an injection of another vaccine that does not contain that adjuvant.”

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