January 31, 2023

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Alphabet gets part of quantum computer after time crystals are hacked

Alphabet gets part of quantum computer after time crystals are hacked

Last year, researchers at Alphabet made an important breakthrough in the development of quantum computers. Now Alphabet is launching a subsidiary that will focus specifically on Quantum.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, launch Sandbox Technology Inc. This is a spin-off that will focus on technology for quantum computers. This demonstration follows a major boom in quantum computer research last year. Then the Alphabet researchers took major steps in incorporating so-called time crystals into quantum systems.

time crystals

A time crystal is a form of matter that steadily oscillates over time. Think of an electron whose spin changes periodically, without the need for external energy and without the electron itself being unstable. The stability of oscillation over time is reminiscent of the stability of classical crystals in space.

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Google puts time crystals in quantum computers

Quantum computers use the spin of electrons to store data. They form the basis of qubits, but are inherently very unstable. External stimuli have a significant impact on her condition. Due to their stability, time crystals are theoretically a better alternative for building qubits.

new company

Armed with this knowledge, Sandbox Technology is now entering the market as its own company. It is possible that Alphabet hopes to attract more investment in this way. We don’t yet know exactly what the spin-off company’s ambition is. For example, it is unclear whether Sandbox Technology wants to bring the technology to market in the short term or whether it is focused on research.

Alphabet will also remain active in this field via Google Quantum. What the relationship between these two entities will be is also unclear at the moment.

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