November 29, 2023

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Alzheimer's Collection Week Holland |  RTV Catwick

Alzheimer’s Collection Week Holland | RTV Catwick

The Alzheimer Nederland series will take place the week of November 8-13. More than 21,000 collectors across the Netherlands will go door to door to raise funds. Many collectors will be on the road in Katwijk, Rheinsburg and Valkenburg.

The annual collection week in November is very important to the work of Alzheimer Nederland. Then voluntary fundraisers raise money for a dementia-free future and better support for people with dementia and their caregivers.

At this point in time, it becomes painfully clear how necessary Alzheimer Nederland is. The group of people with dementia is growing rapidly and is extremely vulnerable. Fortunately, more and more people want to contribute. Collection proceeds have increased for 7 consecutive years. This is only possible thanks to all volunteers. So it pays to collect.

Will you also help? Every hour counts…
Each year, more money can be spent on research, because the revenue from collection increases. So raising money for Alzheimer Nederland is paying off. Would you like to contribute to this next year as a (mobile) collector? a look at for more information. You can also register here. Or contact Lennart van der Plas, the group organizer in Katwijk municipality, at [email protected].



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