December 7, 2023

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Amazon introduces the first home robot Astro with Astro

With “Alexa-on-Wheels,” the American web giant confirms rumors that have circulated for years about its first home robot.

US web giant Amazon introduced a new game on Tuesday. After years of rumors, it has finally launched its first home robot: Amazon Astro. It consists of a touch screen on wheels, including a periscope for a better look around and travels one meter per second, in all directions.

According to Amazon, the robot — which is about the size of a small dog — is multipurpose. It can play music and deliver things to a specific family member. It can be used for video calls and to follow you around the house. He can check your house when you’re not home and check his binoculars if you’ve put out the fire.

999 dollars

The robot will be launched later this year for $999. Anyone wishing to purchase one can do so only by invitation. According to device head Dave Limp, it’s about more than just ‘Alexa on wheels’ (Amazon Voice Assistant, Editor)However, the device has its own unique personality.

So far, Amazon’s robotics team has mainly focused on robots that have had to deliver packages as quickly as possible, but with Astro, they’re breaking new ground. The robot, among other things, uses artificial intelligence so that it does not bump into pets, furniture or housemates.

Amazon has been criticized in the past for its “smart devices” to eavesdrop on its users.