January 29, 2023

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Amazon is coming to Belgium, but Amazon.be is already taken

Amazon is coming to Belgium, but Amazon.be is already taken

Amazon is coming next year to belgium† Business Insider news site I got documents Disclosure of the American company’s expansion plans. Streaming service Amazon Prime is also getting a Belgian launch.

Amazon now has offices in 20 countries, and this number is supposed to increase to 25 in 2023. In addition to Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Nigeria and South Africa are in turn. According to Business Insider, Amazon is hoping the expansion will make up for the drop in international sales.

In 2014, Amazon came to the Netherlands for the first time to sell e-books. Just two years ago, the entire web store and live streaming service was opened for us. Dutch entrepreneurs aren’t really excited about it yet. Research conducted by the data department, late last year, showed that Only 2% of the providers on Amazon.nl were located in the Netherlands

It is still uncertain whether the Belgian entrepreneur will have more confidence in Amazon, but Amazon now has another problem to solve: Amazon.be is already busy. The domain is owned by the Belgian car insurance company Amazon Insurance and to web.archive.org Looks like they’ve been using it since 1999.

Amazon ‘delivery station’ in Amsterdam

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