October 4, 2023

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Amazon Prime Day Two: A sneak peek or a new escalation?

Amazon Prime Day Two: A sneak peek or a new escalation?

Black Friday falls very early this year: in Amazon Already running a two-day deal and competition Walmart Even grants exceptional discounts for three days. A preview of what’s to come or are they rushing before the portfolios close?

$4.1 billion in two days

Amazon is doing its July job orderly this week. Today and yesterday, the “Prime Early Access Sale,” a two-day bargaining festival featuring exclusive discounts and new product launches for Amazon Prime members, continues. In this way, the online retailer wants to help consumers better distribute their year-end purchases. In other words: let people spend the money now, before you run out later.

The second peak day is possible Bring in $4.1 billionJeffreys estimates, according to the Financial Times. An added welcome as Amazon sees post-peak online sales decline during the coronavirus pandemic. Although that’s well below the estimated $12 billion in sales during Amazon’s first Prime Day this year, it could have been the best ever.

Other retailers cannot be left behind. bol.com Launching this week with ‘Lots of Select Deals’ for those who get paid memberships, while in the US Walmart October 10 to 13 “Retreat and more” –Promotion discounts for non-food products. targeting Then take advantage of Thanksgiving with deals between October 6-8.

Black Friday or Skinny?

Is there anything to expect from Black Friday at the end of November? Less and less, an American study concludes. Holiday shopping has been set for much longer and more aggressively than in Europe, but it now appears to be on the decline. Regardless of the current inflationary pressures and recession fears, Black Friday Contributes less to annual sales volume each year from participating retailers. In 2019, retailers made an average of 9% of their sales from the sales period, in 2020 only 5.82% and in 2021 it was 5.18%.

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Although the numbers of recent years may be distorted by the Corona pandemic, the fact that consumers are gradually wanting to consume more sustainably and consciously, while there are already a lot of discount promotions at other times. Whoever buys with Black Friday, then, will primarily be real bargain hunters and not regular customers.

This year there will be additional pressure on purchasing power. British supermarket giant Tesco They’ve already announced that they’re expecting a different birthday than usual: people are likely to buy fewer packages and make it budget-friendly at home rather than partying in a restaurant. The same sound was heard at Walmart. All this more reason to eat what there is to eat now.

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Black Friday falls very early this year: Amazon is already running a two-day deal, and rival Walmart is offering exceptional three-day discounts. A preview of what’s to come or are they rushing before the portfolios close?