June 2, 2023

Taylor Daily Press

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Amazon wants to sell excess space in cargo planes to third parties and is considering pineapple and salmon as merchandise Economie

Online retailer Amazon is trying to sell excess space in its cargo planes to third parties. Informed sources reported to Bloomberg News Agency that this is how the American company wants to adapt to the new economic reality. Amazon has greatly benefited many consumers from online shopping during the Corona pandemic. But now that period of stormy growth is over and many people are paying more attention to their expenditure due to the sharp rise in inflation.

One option being considered is filling empty planes returning from Hawaii and Alaska with pineapple and salmon. Amazon would rather temporarily stuff its planes with other goods than sell them. The company assumes that consumer demand will rise again.

Amazon has a fleet of about 100 aircraft in the United States and Europe. The company takes into account that it will not be able to fill all these same devices in the near future. The sources said that several new employees have been hired in recent months with experience in marketing cargo space to airlines.

An Amazon spokesperson declined to comment. In November, there were also reports that Amazon wanted to cut several thousand jobs. In the Corona years, the technology company’s workforce has nearly doubled to counter the strong growth of online shopping. But now Amazon is anticipating fewer times due to reduced purchasing power and a potential economic recession.