October 3, 2023

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Amber Broos (20) begins her post-block summer life: first Tomorrowland, then Around the World |  music

Amber Broos (20) begins her post-block summer life: first Tomorrowland, then Around the World | music

musicAs a student, Amber Broos (20 years old) will go to university tomorrow to take a “quantitative data analysis” exam, but at the same time she will unleash her new single on the world. As a DJ, she’ll be on the main stage at Tomorrowland this summer, and in October, that’ll follow with Cake Topping: An Exclusive Show at Waagnatie.

Tomorrowland is not uncharted territory for Leuven. Amber Broos, the nearly 20-year-old presenter at Studio Brussel, secured a spot earlier this year with her winter sister at Alpe D’Huez, but this summer she’ll be on the main stage at Boom. After Charlotte de Witt and Amelie Lens, foreign countries seduced the lady – always dressed in black – who is always a little sleepy through the tunes. She laughs, “I owe it to my dad. He’s been a DJ for 25 years and knew his classics, ‘Cherry Moon’, ‘Bonsai’, etc. I knew those records when I was a kid.”

Echoes in her voice. Amber Bros will release a new song with Amok tomorrow and also announced a show at Waagnatie on October 31st. Her first big concert, with her dad in the front row. “He’s my biggest supporter. He always watches me when I’m working and also likes to have a chat with the other artists backstage. My boyfriend’s always there too. But he comes over to party and dance,” it seems.

Amber Bros in Tomorrowland. © RV

For the first time, Amber is expected not only on the main stages of our country, but also in the corners of Europe. An unlikely prospect once you can finally close the textbooks. or not. “I am already expected to be in Spain this week. But I planned to take my courses with me on the plane.”

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She is holding out for a diploma in “Communication Science” at KU Leuven. part time. But firmly. Looks like “I’m going to get half of my credits this year”. “In effect, that means I publish every year over the course of two years.”

And this could not be otherwise. Because amber is required wild. Her agenda seems more than full. “It’s just a thrill, right? I wouldn’t say I get nervous, but maybe a little while before the main stage. I started spinning at 12 and then I did it out of passion. Out of love for what you love to do. This is really crazy and I try not to think On command in bed at night. Examinations first.

And then follow in the footsteps of her great examples. “I play music because it has always been my greatest love. When I was 12, I already looked up to Charlotte and Amelie. And I will always regret being too young to see Daft Punk live. But I try to keep cool. Now a summer of shows and planes awaits me. It will be This is my first summer outside of Europe. It’s exciting.”

Equally exciting. This week Amber is going to get her driver’s license. Hitherto she had often relied on her father’s services. DJ also has a little dream in mind. “You know. I don’t do this for the money at all. Music is my passion and I would never have dreamed at the age of 12 that I would be on this stage now. I know this is going to be an important summer. It’s silly and exciting. I especially hope I can save Some money to buy a house with my friend. Although there is one thing. “I’ve always dreamed of an antique Volkswagen Hippie.

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