December 1, 2022

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Amber looks at controversial casting moment in Boyer Looking for a Wife: 'I thought the harsh reactions were crazy' |  TV

Amber looks at controversial casting moment in Boyer Looking for a Wife: ‘I thought the harsh reactions were crazy’ | TV

TVOn Sunday evening, Amber Diddens (22 years old) was chosen as one of the girls with whom William wants to complete his “Boer looking woman” adventure. His choice was heavily criticized, mainly because the mysterious Titiana was also secured a place in the final. Trying not to get caught up in the harsh reactions, Amber mostly enjoys her first dating adventure. “Drama and tension, that’s not really for me.”

She was never in a real relationship, but she was instantly convinced when she saw Farmer William on TV. “After two years of Corona, I felt like a new adventure, so I recorded myself for the evening of the opening episode,” says the student from Mechelen enthusiastically. When I told my parents the next day, they were shocked at first. My father said at once: “Ali Amber, peasant, this is not for you.” But when I told him he was not a potato farmer, but a cowboy, they were already more convinced.”

We are now over other episodes and Amber is one of my favorite episodes. Because of her relaxed attitude and passion for horses, William definitely sees a match with her. But Amber also loves farm life. “William is definitely my type, I like guys with brown hair and beards. And we instantly clicked when we started talking.”

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Last Sunday, William had to choose the two women he would like to continue his adventure with. He chose Amber and Titjana, and the latter was not particularly loved by the fallen girls Valerie and Babki. “He really got shit in his eyes,” said critic Valerie. However, Amber puts William’s choice in perspective. “It’s his decision. Everyone can have an opinion, but I didn’t like the harsh reactions, even if they weren’t meant for me. I try not to read the comments, because that doesn’t make sense. Drama and tension, that’s really not for me.”

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The leakers also made it clear that they hope Farmer William will do his best for Amber. Amber smiles: “I still keep in good contact with Valerie and Papke. Since ‘Boer zkt Vrouw’ we’ve become good friends and go out regularly for a drink or go for a ride together.” Amber has no contact with Titjana anymore. “I was there not only to get to know William, but also to make new friends. This was also the case with Valerie and Bapke, but less so with Titjana. But you know, I can put everything in perspective. It wasn’t that I was jealous, because There were no feelings involved at that point.”

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William with Tijana, Amber, Papke and Valerie in “Boer Looking for a Wife” © VTM

Of course, the student cannot reveal whether William chose Amber in the end. She has a very good feeling about the recordings. “I really enjoyed a lot. This was Experience of a lifetime† But once was enough, I won’t score again next year (laughs).”

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