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AMD RDNA 3 Navi 31 'GFX1100', Navi 32 'GFX1102', Navi 33 'GFX1101' Split Screen Core Next 3.2 GPUs, APUs Get DCN 3.1.4

AMD RDNA 3 Navi 31 ‘GFX1100’, Navi 32 ‘GFX1102’, Navi 33 ‘GFX1101’ Split Screen Core Next 3.2 GPUs, APUs Get DCN 3.1.4

3 AMD RDNA GPUs including Navi 31, Navi 32 and Navi 33 and an integrated APU part are listed under the latest Linux patch.

AMD RDNA 3 Navi 31, Navi 32, Navi 33 for DCN 3.2, RDNA 3 APU Gets DCN 3.1.4 Support

So far, a total of four AMD RDNA 3 GPUs have been included in the range Linux patches and the open source LLVN repository† Among them are Navi 31 ‘GFX1100’, Navi 32 ‘GFX1102’, Navi 33 ‘GFX1101’ and GFX1103 appearing as APUs, so the version used is likely to be in the range of the upcoming Phoenix Point APU. Details have been collected dream koalakanth And it looks like we have new information about which versions of DCN or Display Core Next each chip will support at launch.

For the discrete RDNA 3 GPU set that includes the AMD Navi 31, Navi 32 and Navi 33 GPU, the red team will upgrade from the current DCN 3.0 engine to the new DCN 3.2.1 engine. On the other hand, the APU does not use the same version as the discrete RDNA 3 GPU family. It has the same chain as the current RDNA 2 ‘GFX1030’ APU series called DCN 3.1.4 series. AMD Sabrina APU uses DCN 3.1.6 engine.

11.0.0 gfx1100 (Navi31) AMDGPU_FAMILY_GC_11_0_0 (FAMILY_GFX1100) dGPU
11.0.1 gfx1103 AMDGPU_FAMILY_GC_11_0_2 (FAMILY_GFX1103) APU
11.0.2 gfx1102 (Navi32) AMDGPU_FAMILY_GC_11_0_0 (FAMILY_GFX1100) dGPU
11.0.3? gfx1101 (Navi33)? AMDGPU_FAMILY_GC_11_0_0 (FAMILY_GFX1100)? dGPU?
AMD’s GFX1103 RDNA 3 APU is spotted in freshly patched Linux with DCN 3.1.4 engine. (Image credits: Kolakanth’s Dream)

In terms of features, both the DCN 3.2 and DCN 3.1 series seem to come with support for four display-only outputs. This was the standard for RDNA 2 GPUs and will be maintained in the RDNA 3 series as well. Additional information states that there is now support for MALL (Last Level Memory Access) or Infinity Cache for RDNA 3/GFX11 GPUs, so don’t expect Infinity cache to be created on Phoenix Point APUs.

AMD Phoenix Point APUs It’s expected to carry up to 24 compute units or twice as many cores as current Rembrandt APUs, so it’s going to be a huge leap in graphics performance for an integrated chip that it’ll compete with. Intel Meteor Lake chips This holds up to 192 EU’s in a tiled GPU design. Meanwhile, the AMD RDNA 3 GPU Assortment It will be a worthy contender for NVIDIA’s next-generation Ada Lovelace products, which are expected to be unveiled later this year.

drawing technique GPU code name nickname general technique Producer
GFX900 vegetarian 10 GCN 5.0 RX VEGA / Radeon Pro
GFX902 black Crow Raven Ridge / Picasso GCN 5.0 Ryzen 2000/3000 (G/GE)
GFX904 vegetarian 12 GCN 5.0 Vega Pro 20 (Mac)
GFX906 vegan 20 GCN 5.0 Radeon VII / Radeon Pro VII
GFX908 arcturus CDN 1 MI100. Instinct
GFX90A Aldebaran cdna 2 MI200. Instinct
GFX909 crow 2 GCN 5.0 TB
GFX909 Renoir GCN 5.0 Ryzen 4000 (H/U/G)
GFX1010 Navigation 10 RNA 1 RX 5700/5600 (M/XT)
GFX1011 Navigation 12 RNA 1 PRO 5600M (MAC)
(GFX1012) Navigation 14 RNA 1 RX 5500 (M/XT)
(GFX1030) Navi 21 Big Navi / Sienna Cichlid RNA 2 RX 6900/6800 . series
(GFX1031) Navigation 22 marine blunt RNA 2 RX 6700 series.
GFX1032 Navi 23 Demegre how fish RNA 2 RX 6600 series.
(GFX 1033) Navi 24 goby beige RNA 2 RX 6500/6400 . series
(GFX 1033) Van Gogh legacy RNA 2 steam surface
(GFX 1036) Raphael RNA 2 Ryzen 7000?
GFX1040 Van Gogh Light / Mendocino green sardines? RNA 2 Ryzen 7000?
GFX1100 Navigation 31 Bloom Bonito RNA 3 Radeon RX 7900?
GFX1101 Navigation 33 RNA 3 Radeon RX 7800?
GFX1102 Navigation 32 RNA 3 Radeon RX 7700?
GFX1103 Navi 3X Phoenix Point RNA 3 Ryzen 7000 APU?
(GFX1200) NAVI 4X RNA 4 Radeon RX8000?

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