July 19, 2024

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America also wants to switch to zero-emission buses and trucks

America also wants to switch to zero-emission buses and trucks

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Ten other countries have joined a Dutch initiative to make more transport more sustainable at the climate summit. Among them are Ukraine, USA and Belgium.

The ambition of these countries is that all newly purchased trucks and buses must be emission-free from 2040, for example running on electricity or hydrogen. The ultimate goal is for all heavy-duty transport to be zero-emissions by 2050.

The Netherlands initiated this initiative Last year At the Climate Summit in Glasgow. Currently the number of countries that have joined is 25.

Countries’ motivations for participation vary. Ukraine, for example, has indicated that it wants to soon build a fossil-free country. Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov explains: “Now we have a difficult time; we are fighting for our lives. But we are going to win this battle. That is why we are already signing future contracts.” Ukraine’s desire for a fossil-free future is certainly motivated by the fact that the country wants nothing to do with Russia.

Secretary of State Vivianne Heijnen (Infrastructure and Water Management) calls the Americans’ connection “a big milestone”: “By sending a clear signal to the market, when transport companies switch to electricity, there will soon be more and cheaper supplies. One for the truck or hydrogen, this is for them and for the climate. Good.”

One stumbling block in this transition is the cost difference between diesel trucks and trucks that run on electricity or hydrogen. Due to the high cost, many entrepreneurs hesitate to buy. In the Netherlands, entrepreneurs can get a purchase subsidy for clean trucks. In India, the state of Telangana is participating, and electric buses are being jointly tendered.

Currently there are not enough charging stations and hydrogen filling stations for high traffic. Heijnen expects to announce a subsidy program for hydrogen filling stations this year. The Secretary of State believes that acceding countries can benefit from the knowledge and experience already gained.