July 22, 2024

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American artisans are beginning to show signs of recovery

In the United States, Kraft distilleries were launched last year with a hard recovery from the severe blows caused by the eruption of the Corona crisis. This is according to a report by the American Brewers Association. It is noteworthy that the sector has grown by 8 per cent again last year as against 9 per cent last year.

The revival saw craftsmen’s share of the overall U.S. beer market rise from 12.2 percent to 13.1 percent.

The challenge

The overall U.S. beer market, including major industrial breweries, grew by 1 percent last year. Liquor Manufacturers Association On. “However, sales were up 21 percent to $ 26.9 billion.”

“This difference is mainly due to the fact that customers are turning to craft breweries, proofs, taverns, bars and restaurants, which are operating on average higher margins.”

“Not all news is positive, however,” the department warns. “It is clear that craft liquor production revenue has not yet returned to the level it was three years ago before the Corona crisis erupted. Other challenges also arise. ”

“Three years ago, American breweries produced 26.3 million barrels of beer and sold $ 29.3 billion. Last year, 24.8 million barrels were produced and sold for $ 26.8 billion.

“Craft makers were able to report a recovery last year, but mixed brewery models across different business models and geographies are still three years behind, with many breweries still in recovery mode,” says Bart. Watson, chief economist at the Brewers Association.

“This year is clear when the durable supply chain is coupled with problems An important period for many breweries will become.”

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Job opportunity

Watson said he expects the industry this year Levels prior to three years Exceeding. “The shift towards consumption in the catering industry may conclude that it will benefit breweries,” the economist stressed.

Last year, 9,118 craft distilleries were registered in the United States. It was a new record. 646 new liquor stores opened. Instead, 178 craft brewers decided to close their doors.

“For the second year in a row, the openings had to report a contraction,” Watson stressed. “But there has also been a decline in closures. This may be due to higher revenue and government support Impact of corona infection To catch. “

“The boom in bar opening a few years ago has certainly slowed, and the continued growth of small breweries shows that demand for new breweries and their range still has a solid foundation.”

Employment in the sector also showed a recovery last year, with many breweries having to cut their staff during the corona epidemic. In all, 172,643 American artisans were employed. This is 25 per cent more than the previous year.

Pennsylvania’s DG Yuenling & Sun was the largest craftsman in the United States last year, followed by Boston Beer (Massachusetts) and Sierra Nevada Browing (California).