April 1, 2023

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American couple decorate the house in the style of "Stranger Things"

American couple decorate the house in the style of “Stranger Things”

A unique Halloween decoration for a house in the US state of Illinois is spread on Tiktok. The decoration is based on the Netflix series Weird things.

A couple from Plainfield, Illinois, got inspiration for their annual Halloween decor from the Netflix series Weird things. on tiktok channel horror props It shows how their front garden is decorated in the style of the popular science fiction series. Meanwhile, decorating videos are circulating on Tiktok.

The couple began their first preparations at the beginning of August. They spent about 1,500 hours building the set.

floating doll

The house was completely submerged in the underworld Upside downThis is the frightening parallel universe in the series. The grave of Billy, a well-known character from the series, can also be seen in the front yard.

The scene sign is a doll that appears to be floating above the driveway of the house. With this scene, the couple paid tribute to one of the most famous scenes – the fight between Max and the villain Vicna – from the fourth season of the series.


Not all locals are a fan of this spectacle: some were concerned about safety. After some complaints, the decor was suddenly closed for the first opening weekend, early October. Meanwhile, the city council has given its blessing and viewers can watch the scene again, according to local media.

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