July 20, 2024

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American singer and musician Matt Watts (36 years old) died in Brussels

American singer and musician Matt Watts (36 years old) died in Brussels

It was unconditional love for a Belgian girl that made Watts decide to move to Belgium in 2006. He initially ended up in Antwerp. There he tried to build a solo career with varying degrees of success. However, his talent was so undeniable that he soon found shelter with Zeta Swoon, Steve Kamel Carlins’ group. It was also an important part of I H8 Camera, a project by Rudy Trouvé (ex-dEUS and ex-Dead Man Ray).

Watts has released four recordings under his own name on the Antwerp label Starman Records. “No one expected this to happen,” says Felix Hubrechts of Starman. “Matt has just recorded an album that will be released on an American label. He’s already got a lot of shows booked for next summer, both solo and with the I H8.”

Watts lived in Brussels for ten years. In his own words, DC has broadened his perspective and allowed him to better use his musical talent here. Four years ago, he surprised with “Queens,” a record penned by Dez Mona guitarist Nicolas Rombouts and Camille Karlens. In recent months, he has been working with singer-songwriter Morlai Bai Kamara Jr., who was born in Sierra Leone but resides in Brussels. On a new album. This work is about to be published.

Huybrechts describes Watts as an inspired writer who then set his texts to music. “He was a very nice man, and a very talented singer-songwriter.”

Steve Kamel Karlins commemorates Watts with a Facebook message. “This is a very sad day. My dear friend Matt Watts has passed away. I love you, my friend, and thank you for your beautiful soul,” he wrote.

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Two years ago, BRUZZ correspondent Said visited a rehearsal of the Mercelis group in Brussels, a group that Watts had also been part of for some time. Rewatch that visit below: