July 22, 2024

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American tech giants at the new European Artificial Intelligence Institute

American tech giants at the new European Artificial Intelligence Institute

An artificial intelligence institute will be set up in Eastern Europe in September to attract scientists and entrepreneurs from the wider region. By acting as a lender, Google, Amazon and Deepmind ensure that they are on the cutting edge of talent and technology.

After the summer goes INSAITNot working yetFrom the beginning in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is the first scientific institute in Southeast Europe. INSAIT stands for Institute of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Technology. It will be a research institution focusing on artificial intelligence and computer science.

Many parties support the initiative with money, resources and people. The Bulgarian government withdraws the wallet for one hundred million euros, to be spent within ten years, Google for three million, subsidiary Deepmind for nearly three million, AWS invests $3.75 million, and local tech company SiteGround sponsors six million euros.

Google’s practical commitment is to reach tensor processing unit research cloudtensor Google’s best owned software and hardware in the areas of machine learning, cloud, and chips.

INSAIT has been designed and developed in collaboration with two leading Swiss technical universities: ETH Zurich Technical University of Lausanne (EPFL† The institute wants to be able to compete with, for example, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of California at Berkeley and the Max Planck Institute for example. In addition to attracting leading scholars from home and abroad, this should also ensure that local science scholars do not leave the country, as is currently the case with Tens of thousands at once It happens to Western tech companies.

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