November 27, 2022

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America's first transgender swimming champion: The story of Leah Thomas caused a stir

America’s first transgender swimming champion: The story of Leah Thomas caused a stir

Leah Thomas made history by winning the 500kg (457m) freestyle event at the American College Championships last Thursday. Nothing luxurious, but Leah Will Thomas was born.

Will started swimming at the age of five. He did well, but Will was not going to be a great swimmer. The most important thing for Thomas is to feel good about himself. At the age of 18, Will began hormone therapy to become a woman. About a year later, Will passed away as Leah.

Leah then started swimming again, so she entered the university championship last week. Successfully. He beat two swimmers who came on stage at the Tokyo Games by 500 yards.

“It’s a storm of protest in the United States,” he said Dirk Gerlo In ‘The Tribune’. “In the pollution on social media, you can read that he, as a half-man, has disrupted women’s competition.”

“What struck me was that 300 swimmers have signed an open letter in his favor, but there are certainly many reactions. The main question is: How does this story continue? Because Thomas wants to go to the Games in Paris in 2024.”

The most important question is how this story continues, because Thomas wants to go to the games that take place in Paris.

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“The best game and content is a tough story”

Sport is a reflection of society and transgender people are increasingly becoming part of that community. So a new problem has arisen.

“Thomas matured as a boy, which means he has bigger arms, bigger feet, bigger heart and bigger lung capacity than many women,” Dirk Kerlo said.

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“On the other hand, she followed the rules.”

A complaint was filed against Leah Thomas’ participation because the American Swimming Federation has determined that swimmers must have undergone three years of hormone therapy to participate as a transgender.

Thomas is still six months away, but the college championships used different rules.

So Dirk Gerlo thinks it would be wise for sports federations to start thinking about how to deal with transgender people in their sport.

“Transgender people will become more and more. Sports clubs will have to lay down the rules for their game. Scientists often do not know that. No matter how painful it may be, the best game and content is a tough story.”

Source: And ‘The Tribune’

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