July 23, 2024

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America’s outrage over the new M&M figurines is justified

America’s outrage over the new M&M figurines is justified

America’s right-wing media condemns the new figures M&M’s, who are “lesbian” and “obese”. Manufacturer tuesday And now it stops with the characters – or so it seems?


“We certainly didn’t expect our updated figures to break the internet,” M&M said on Twitter. Chocolate Brand Not sure if anyone would notice that the figures were altered, but the right-wing extremist corner absolutely did.

The fuss started a year ago about green M&M’s new shoes: they got sneakers instead of boots. Even something like that would provoke outrage from Fox News commentators like Tucker Carlson. The addition of a purple M&M in September was the proverbial last straw.

The newcomer promotes acceptance and inclusion, while to make matters worse, one in three female M&Ms was a lesbian. Oh, and the new purple M&M is fat, Fox News fulminated. The reactionary TV channel did not think it possible that chocolate was being used to push an “awakened” political agenda.

And then without

Manufacturer Mars is now bowing to criticism and taking drastic measures: “Even candy shoes can be polarizing”, so do without. In the United States, M&M figurines are indefinitely replaced by actress Maya Rudolph – because at least everyone likes her.

Although this is a diversionary tactic. Mars will begin its campaign for the Super Bowl in mid-February, and now Americans will be very curious to see what M&M’s made of it. Will M&M succeed in “breaking the Internet” again, this time by taking back control?

After conservative media denounced M&M’s new figures in America, manufacturer Mars is now discontinuing the alphabet. Or does it seem that way?