December 4, 2022

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America's solution for batteries

America’s solution for batteries

Written by Olivier Duquesne

Belgian group Solvay has formed a joint venture with its Mexican company Orbia to operate two sites in the US to make lithium-ion batteries for electric cars.


The US has developed a protectionist policy to encourage car manufacturers to produce batteries for electric cars on its territory. This worries the EU, but it doesn’t seem to bother multinational companies like Solvay. The company is already involved in recycling batteries in Europe, but also in the production of thermoplastic fluoropolymers needed for lithium-ion technology. Precisely for production Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) In the US, Solvay has tied up with another giant, Mexican petrochemical specialist Arbia. The Belgian chemical company is proud to offer PVDF, which improves energy storage performance by increasing energy density, safety and power of batteries..

Two manufacturing sites

Solvay will invest USD 850 million (approximately EUR 866 million) in the joint venture. The joint venture aims to control the largest production of PVDF in North America. Two locations are planned: one for the base material and one for the final product, i.e. the coating for the binders and separators on the batteries. The joint venture will receive a $178 million (€181 million) grant from the US government. That’s in line with US policy to end dependence on China for electric car batteries. An ambition that the European Union also follows.

Photos: Solvay

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