December 9, 2022

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Amy* (3) was the only survivor of the nursery drama in Thailand: 'I thought her friends were sleeping' |  Abroad

Amy* (3) was the only survivor of the nursery drama in Thailand: ‘I thought her friends were sleeping’ | Abroad

Three-year-old Amy* (not her real name) was sleeping peacefully next to her best friend when 34-year-old ex-cop Bunny Kamrap broke into the house with a knife and pistol. The man killed the teachers and all the children at a day care center in Thailand on Thursday. Except for Emma. She miraculously survived the drama. “I thought her friends were still asleep.”

The nursery, which houses children between the ages of 2 and 5, was busy drawing sketches that morning. A picture of the proud parents is being sent with smiling faces, the BBC, which recorded the children’s story, has learned.

First the teachers, then the sleeping children

Around noon, when the children are taking a nap, Banya Khmerab enters. Outside, he kills a father and has a son. Witnesses see how he then climbs through the window glass of the door and shoots the supervisors of the nursery. Including a teacher pregnant in her eighth month.

Then he enters the three seasons. All children, except for one 3-year-old girl named Amy, were killed by the media. In total, Kamrap killed 37 people, including 24 children. Among the victims are his wife and step-son.

Amy points to her best friend’s coffin during the victims’ ceremony. © AP

How exactly Amy survived the horrific drama is unclear. Perhaps the killer thought she was already dead. Officers later found her under a blanket. She gets up and wraps around the bodies of her classmates. The girl’s grandfather later told the BBC that she had no idea what had happened. “I thought her friends were still asleep.”

This is partly due to the intelligent behavior of the police officer. He placed her blanket over her face more before taking her out of the bloodstained room. On the second floor of the building, the girl then managed to recover from the horrific events below. But she doesn’t realize what happened.

Breastfeeding teachers and children.

Breastfeeding teachers and children. © ANP / EPA

Mom can’t believe it

Her grandfather is very grateful that his young daughter is still there. “I held her tight when I first saw her,” he says.

The mother of 35-year-old Amy did not believe for a long time that her daughter survived the drama. She is in the capital, Bangkok, for her work and is initially told that all the children have been killed. Only when you can video call her girl do you believe in a miracle.

Amy’s grandparents have since told her that her friends are dead. The 3-year-old can’t understand. She constantly asks about her best friend. “She just wants to go to school every day. We have to keep telling her it’s closed. She’s too young to understand death,” her mother said.

Amy and her mother at a party for the victims.

Amy and her mother at a party for the victims. © AP


© AP

The village of Ohai Sawan in northeastern Thailand, where the tragedy occurred, sank into deep grief. The bodies of the victims were taken to temples where they were handed over to their families. The rest of the country is also sad. Flags are flown at half mast in all government buildings.

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