December 7, 2023

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Amy has to leave the 'Big Brother' house again, but she's happy about it: 'I didn't like this group'

Amy has to leave the ‘Big Brother’ house again, but she’s happy about it: ‘I didn’t like this group’

I must have an Emmy again Big brother– He left the house. However, Leroy and Evelyn were also nominated. However, the Flemish were in the lead to clear the field. “I am happy,” she said as she left. “I didn’t like this group.”

Three people have only been in the house for a week – if not even. This time the nominations were a forced conclusion. He once again showed that it was no longer easy to get a place in a gang where groups had already formed. Moreover, it was also a week when the first cracks appeared in the group because trust was crumbling due to all kinds of accidents. And this turned out to be the most harmful for Amy.

De Gentse, who participated last summer Vacation home for life On the VTM, he was never very good on the set. Most of the residents thought she was grumbling and only complained. “They think I’m a whore,” she cries hard. “I put a lot of pressure on myself to be part of the group. It backfired. If I had known, I would have approached it differently.”

“played hard”

During the live show, Leroy topped the middle rankings. So you lose one of the ladies. It was not a surprising result. “I’m happy,” said Amy, saying goodbye. “I didn’t like this group of people. I felt like the girl who got kicked out of school. Played hard. But I won’t cry, because obviously that is the image people have of me.”

Amy believes that from now on she will target Nawal because she is also expressing her opinion. She had nothing good to say about Salar. “He blames others for what he is guilty of. He was my type on the outside, but not on the inside.”

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The grand prize now contains 12,608 euros, and this amount could increase significantly in the coming weeks.