May 29, 2023

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An angry local resident takes an ax, chases children and injures their father after "ring the bell" in the Netherlands

An angry local resident takes an ax, chases children and injures their father after “ring the bell” in the Netherlands

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The game of ‘bell ringing’ has caused a 59-year-old man from Sustern, the Netherlands, to stop speaking. He got so angry that he took an ax and ran after the two “perpetrators”, two nine-year-olds. The man who tried to stop him was injured.

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Soon after the exhibition in Sustern, which was again allowed to take place for the first time in three years, two nine-year-olds – a boy and a girl – felt like a game of “pull the bell”. The girl rang someone’s doorbell at Notarisstraat and then started walking towards the square where their parents were still talking to some friends.

However, the resident couldn’t help but laugh at the “game” and hurriedly walked out with a small axe in his hands. “I didn’t know what I saw,” said eyewitness Marcel Bunten de Limburger. “The boy’s father immediately approached the man to comfort him, but to no avail.”

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An angry local stabbed the father with his axe, who was seriously wounded in the leg. “He was bleeding like a bull,” said the eyewitness. “Then it was chaos. A number of bystanders flew to the man to take his axe, others took care of the victim and others reported to emergency services.”

The police arrived and arrested the man. The victim needed a few stitches, but they work reasonably well. The two children are very afraid. That man looked at icicles in his eyes and shouted: They will all die!‘, says the mother of one of the children. ‘They are scared and sad and they don’t understand it.’

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