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An appeal to those grieving: ‘There are enough Paddington bears and sandwiches with marmalade’ |  Queen Elizabeth II passed away

An appeal to those grieving: ‘There are enough Paddington bears and sandwiches with marmalade’ | Queen Elizabeth II passed away

RoyalOver the course of several days, mournful Britons gathered in Green Park, where they paid tribute to their souls Queen Elizabeth II. Garden managers at Buckingham Palace made a remarkable appeal this morning via the BBC. Bringing flowers seems very nice, but now there are enough Paddington bears and sandwiches with marmalade. Ever since Queen Elizabeth filmed a video featuring the world-famous teddy bear to celebrate her 70th birthday on the throne, she seems to be linked with him forever.

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Queen Elizabeth played a scene earlier this year with a live-action version of the popular cartoon character. Paddington accidentally spoils the moment for tea with the Queen, but makes up for it by offering her a sandwich of marmalade from his red hat. It turns out that it is not necessary. Because Queen Elizabeth herself also has one in her ‘for later’ bag.

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It was Paddington’s words that struck the British in their hearts. The teddy bear uttered the words many citizens would have liked to say to her: “Happy Anniversary, madam. And thank you… for everything.”

“That’s very nice,” replied the Queen.

After her death, the bear returned in several ways. For example in the form of a drawing that has been copied a lot, where Paddington and Elizabeth go hand in hand. A drawing that was already made during the anniversary party, but now it is very relevant.

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But according to park officials, the tribute is now out of control. “Please, bring the flowers,” appears on the BBC. “There are a lot of Paddington bears and marmalade sandwiches.”

Grieved Britons are urged to put only compostable materials in the garden. Helium balloons are underappreciated, and those who attend the flowers are asked to remove the plastic. Garden visitors are now extensively cleaning the plastic from all the packed flowers. Removing the plastic also ensures that the flowers have a longer shelf life. One more reason to keep the garden clean.


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