September 30, 2023

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An eccentric bounty hunter thinks Brian Laundry is still alive and claims he's 'on the right track' |  Abroad

An eccentric bounty hunter thinks Brian Laundry is still alive and claims he’s ‘on the right track’ | Abroad

Gabi Pettito’s family also appears to believe that Brian is still alive:

“Here we are on the island,” an eccentric figure declared on Twitter yesterday. “This might be the perfect place for him to hide.” According to Chapman, the search for Laundry has already begun. “This is only the beginning.” “Boat and land crews have been called and search and rescue dogs are deployed,” the 68-year-old bounty hunter tweeted.

By “island” Chapman means Marco Island in Florida, where he settled on Tuesday. He set up base camp in Florida from which to start the search for Laundry. On Wednesday, he was at Fort De Soto Park in Pinellas County, about 75 miles from Brian Laundrie’s childhood home. The fugitive, wanted in the murder case of his fiancée, 22-year-old Gabi Pettito, is said to have stayed there with his parents earlier this month.

Chapman not only thinks Brian Laundry is still alive, but he also thinks he’s on his way, writes TMZ. Laundry has been missing since September 14, according to his parents. On September 1, he came home alone from a road trip with his fiancée, Gabi Pettito. Her body was found murdered in Wyoming on September 19. The FBI is still searching for Laundry in connection with the murder and is combing the Carlton Reserve.

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