December 7, 2023

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An exciting drive through the desert

An exciting drive through the desert

interactive story As dusk falls It has all the ingredients for a thriller: a family on a long car ride with their long-lost relative, a single mother in a remote hotel in a quiet desert town, and three young thieves on the run. For three chapters, we have to guide these people through their increasingly precarious situation. By the time the police are at the door, you are as the player against the ceiling. Did you handle this well?

While Dusk Falls falls into a growing group of similar story games, where the player mainly watches a movie and sometimes has to intervene through choices in dialogues. However, this game does not do this with 3D characters, but with very expressive graphics that jump from moment to moment like a kind of comics. Sure, at first it has a somewhat alienating effect, but it gives the INTERIOR/NIGHT maker a space to build tension in a totally unique way.

The studio goes further than the last quarry – In As Dusk Falls, your decisions don’t just determine who survives the confrontation. More important are the interrelationships, which means the choices can be intriguingly complex and challenging.

These relationships form the basis of the second “book” of three chapters, in which we follow the emotional effects of the offending desert night. Despite the interesting line about shock handling, Dusk Falls unfortunately isn’t garnering strong attention anymore, it’s to be expected. The possibility of playing the game with two or more people turns out to be more food for controversy than thought.