December 9, 2022

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An Italian village gives 30,000 euros to anyone who wants to live in it

An Italian village gives 30,000 euros to anyone who wants to live in it

The exodus continues in the Italian countryside. Many Italian villages and small towns have tried all sorts of innovative ways to attract more residents in recent years, but at Presicce they’ve gone too far: new residents simply receive €30,000.

GVsource: CNN

The municipal council of Presicce, a village of about 5,000 inhabitants in the far south of Italy, will offer 30,000 euros to those who buy a house built before 1991. Moreover, the houses in question – often left behind by the original inhabitants – cost only theirs. 25,000 euros. Buyers must come and live in Presic.

Alfredo Pales, a city council member, said: CNN.

The local authorities hope to keep the empty village alive. “There are many empty homes in our historic center that we would like to see inhabited again,” Bales said. “It is unfortunate to see how our old neighborhoods, so full of history, beautiful architecture and art, are slowly but surely emptying out.”

Presicce can fund the proposal because it merged with larger neighboring Acquarica in 2019, and has secured more money from the Italian government.

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